If you are having any problems with your FREETALK® Handsfree, we suggest as a routine first step to restart your computer.

Possible causes for your problem:

• Please check you have the earphone jack or jacks in the correct port, depending on use of the “Y” splitter cable. The ports are usually color coded with a graphical symbol on the computer as a guide. • Check the volume settings on your computer.

• Make sure the MUTE option is not selected in your system settings.

• The sound and audio devices settings are not set correctly. • Check the sound card connection. If necessary, see the instruction manual provided with your sound card.

• The Skype settings may not be correct. If you are on a PC, open Skype and go to Tools>Options>Audio settings. Click on the drop box beside Microphone and Speakers. Change selection to appropriate choice.

• Ensure that the volume is not set too low to hear. Please test this by using the “Make a free test call” option. Your Voice and the Audio should register on the volume scale. If you need further information please see for complete instructions for Skype settings and usage.

• If you are on a Mac, go to Skype> Preferences and select the Audio option. Change the Input and Output fields to the new option on the drop down menu (NOT the Built-in).

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