How do I add someone's contact or a Skype name to my Speed Dial list?

To add an existing Skype contact to your Speed Dial list, please open FREETALK® Connect•Me web interface then go to Contacts and Speed Dials menu item.


You will notice your existing Skype contacts listed on the right hand side. Search for the contact using the search text box on the top of this section or search by scrolling. When you locate the contact on the list, click on it.




The system will load contact details in the middle of the page, then select Add to speed dial link next to the number or Skype contact of this user. You will be able to add more numbers to this Skype contact just like your would normally be able to do in desktop client. When the contact is added to your speed dial list it will appear on the list of Speed Dial Contacts on the right hand side.



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