How do I print my Speed Dial list?

To print your speed dial list, open FREETALK® Connect•Me web interface then click on print button on the home page next to the Seed Dial list title.
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    Just got my Freetalk-1200 and so far so good.  (Impressed so far.)

    Its web site settings say "Arrange speed dials through Skype", but I don't see how to do that.  How DO I do that?

    The Freetalk-1200 is version

    The Skype program on my Win 7 PC is version  Just set it up the past month - March, 2014.


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    The speed dials are set through the Freetalk embedded web pages. But in order to get Freetalk to recognize a change from *1 to *9 (for example), one has to set the number to *9 on the Freetalk embedded web page, leave it up, and then disconnect the Freetalk from the AC line, wait, re-connect, wait again, and then it works.
    But I don't know what will happen to the *9 if I later set up new speed dials with two digits like *25 or *97.

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