TALK-7191 Troubleshooting

The first steps we recommend if you are having trouble with your camera are:

• Please ensure that the latest version firmware for your TV is installed. See owner’s manual for instructions on Updates.

• Please ensure the receiving party is using the latest version of Skype. See Help> Check for Updates. Please note that calling to a Mac or Linux computer will not offer the full functionality of the Skype software.

• Use Skype testing tools to test settings before attempting to make a call. See Tools> Option> Audio Settings or Video Settings for testing.

• Please ensure the lens dust cover that the camera was shipped with has been removed.

• Please realize that in addition to bandwidth requirements, programs running in the background on the receivers’ CPU can raise CPU usage of the receiver causing limited video reception or reduced video resolution.

• See Skype User Guides (link below) for full Skype usage explanations:

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