Firmware update for TALK-7181/7182

To enjoy your TALK-7181 or TALK-7182 FREETALK Conference HD camera please ensure to update your camera to the latest Firmware Version so that you may enjoy video calls.

Step 1 - Use a Windows XP or Windows 7 PC or higher

Step 2 - Copy and paste this URL in your browser

Step 3 - Save the zip file onto your desktop and unpack, you will see a file called <FREETALK Conference Firmware Update_20110214.exe> which is the update program.

Step 4 - Plug the Camera into the Windows PC’s using any available USB port

Step 5 - Click to open the exe File you saved to your desktop.
A pop-up/ dialog box will open on your screen “Freetalk Conference Firmware Update” – ensure that your pop-up blocker is off

Step 6 - Click “Update Firmware” button
(When the Firmware update is successful, the text “Reload Complete” will appear in the white box at the bottom of the dialog box. The firmware update process is now complete)

The camera is now ready to use.

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    Shea A.J. Co mfort

    Thank you for this, but what do we do if we are on a Mac and do not have access to a PC?...


    Thank you for your help,


    ~Shea A.J. Comfort

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