Not Sending Video

Please try these steps to help you to send video using your FREETALK® Conference Camera.

• Make sure the receiver has installed the latest version of Skype for Windows. Note that calling to Mac or Linux computers will not offer the full functionality of the Skype software.

• Please ensure that the latest firmware for your TV is installed. See owner’s manual for instructions on Updates.

• Skype’s High Quality Video HQV (640 * 480) requires an Internet connection with a minimum upload speed of 384 Kbps. Where there is insufficient network upload speed the Skype program will have difficultly sending and receiving video.

• Also note that there is some network negotiation between the Skype program occurring when you start a Skype video call. The two hardware units involved in the call will check the capability of each other, if TV reports that it can only send video in h.264, and if the PC says it can only do VP7 (as is the case for Skype versions earlier than 4.2), then there is no common way method of video communication. In this scenario, the video stream will not be transmitted.

• Other factors influencing video transmission include the processor speed of the receiving PC and the RAM available. Try asking the receiver to reduce the number of programs open on the receiving PC, especially if the computer has <4GB RAM installed.

• Skype also has a “bandwidth management” feature. Skype is constantly monitoring the network connection; should conditions degrade (due to conditions beyond Skype’s control), the video call resolution may drop back to a lower (320 * 240 or 160 * 120). But if network conditions improve again, Skype’s bandwidth management will automatically restore to the best possible resolution.

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