The Battery is not charging correctly.

If you are having issues with charging the battery of your Digital cordless Expandable telephone, please ensure that the handset is within range of and linked to the base station. This is necessary for the telephone to charge.

When you put the handset into the charging cradle, you should see the following:

1. Charge indicator (RED LED) will light up permanently until the handset is lifted out of the charging cradle.
2. Handset initially displays "charging" within several seconds when the battery is low.
3. Handset will display scrolling battery icon for charging.

Please let us know the following:

1. Is the RED LED always off? Check if the handset charge pin really contacts to the charge cradle spring, as well as to verify if the sub-adapter connection is loose or not.
2. Is the battery not installed well? The handset will display "no battery".  Disconnect and re-connect the battery pack into your phone.
3. Does the handset display "charging"? Wait a few minutes.  If the handset starts to enter into stand by mode with the scrolling battery icon, the handset can be charged up.
4. Does the battery icon on the phone indicate battery low, but when put in the charger, indicates battery is fully charged?
5. Have you managed to successfully make a call from the handset?
6. Is the indicator light on of your base station?


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